VBPD Awards $100,000 to the Arc of Virginia to Expand Self-advocacy Program

VBPD awards $100,000 to the Arc of Virginia to expand a self-advocacy program for individuals with disabilities

The Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD) is pleased to announce that it has awarded a grant of $100,000 to the Arc of Virginia to expand the infrastructure of its ALLY Alliance to transform self-advocacy in Virginia for individuals with disabilities. The grantee will engage members in the work of the Alliance by providing professional development training to its employees, as well as providing foundational leadership and legislative advocacy training to individuals with developmental disabilities. This will enable them to influence public policies and practices that support inclusive services.

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“The Board is delighted to be again collaborating with the Arc of Virginia following their previous grant project, which allowed them to build the capacity of self-advocates in Virginia through expansion of the membership, leadership and training of ALLY Alliance liaisons and coaches,” said Teri Morgan, the Board’s Executive Director.

The Arc of Virginia’s Executive Director Tonya Milling said, “We are thrilled to receive a transformative grant from the Virginia Board for Persons with Disabilities. Over the past few years, the ALLY Alliance has undergone remarkable growth, expanding its reach and influence beyond the disability community. This grant will enhance the ALLY Alliance’s infrastructure, allowing us to strategically capitalize on the evolving engagement of persons with disabilities.”

“Our collective aim is to further empower self-advocacy in Virginia, implementing highly coordinated and impactful initiatives that drive systemic change,” she continued. “This financial support from VBPD is a testament to our shared commitment to inclusivity, advocacy, and building a more equitable future for all.”

The VBPD serves as the Developmental Disabilities Council for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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