Our Board has three committees that help us achieve our State Plan goals.

  • Advocacy, Outreach and Training (AOT)
  • Investment (IC)
  • Policy (PAC)

Our Board members choose to be on one of these committees. These committees give recommendations to the full Board. These ideas help our day-to-day work, planning and projects. 

Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee leads decisions that are related to budget, policy and programs. This Committee also acts on behalf of the Board. All actions and decisions follow our Board’s rules. These decisions must be approved by the full Board, unless there is an emergency.

Advocacy, Outreach & Training (AOT)

Advocacy, Outreach and Training helps people with developmental disabilities (DD) and family members be better leaders. AOT helps people strengthen their voices. With stronger voices, people with DD can talk to lawmakers and others. In other words, AOT helps people join in grassroots advocacy. Together, we can draw attention to DD issues.

Investment Committee (IC)

The Investment Committee oversees all grant or contract awards, and event support for self-advocates. IC makes sure that all funds are used responsibly.

Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) 

The Policy Advisory Committee oversees the Board’s policy work. PAC works with other groups. They guide actions and laws that help people with disabilities.