Information Access Champions

Information should be easy to get, easy to understand, correct and respectful. Sadly, a lot of info about disability services is confusing or wrong.

Let’s fix it, together.

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Virginians with disabilities and their families have trouble finding useful info on services. Read more about this in our 2022 report.

What is an Info Access Champion?

A champion is an agency or organization that pledges to make its information as inclusive and accessible as possible. They agree to evaluate and improve their information accessibility in collaboration with the disability community.

As a champion, you get a badge for your website, resources to help your accessibility journey, your name on our Wall of Champions and much more.

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Case managers can learn from us, learn from people with disabilities who need their help.

– Person with a Disability

Why Are We Doing This?

Take the Pledge

…pledges to be an Info Access Champion. We will:

  1. Make info accessible for people with disabilities and their families.
  2. Make our info inclusive.
  3. Collaborate to improve as our knowledge grows.
  4. Hold one another accountable.
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How Did You Hear About Us?

What Champions Receive

Sign the pledge to get:

  • A free poster
  • A badge for your website
  • Your organization added to our Wall of Champions
  • A self-evaluation form and other tips
  • Connections
  • Added to our Constant Contact email list
  • Invitations to info access events
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