We Help People with Disabilities

VBPD creates change to help people with developmental disabilities. People with disabilities are in charge of their own lives. They choose how they live, learn, work and play.

Who We Are

What We Do

  1. Make sure people with disabilities get support to live in the community.
  2. Improve access to health and safety services.
  3. Inspire schools and work places to include people with disabilities.
  4. Train people with disabilities and their families to stand up for themselves and others.
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A small child with down syndrome is enjoying with his father at a public park on a sunny day.

Information Access

For years, Virginians with disabilities and their families said that they have trouble finding useful service info. Our goal is to solve that problem.

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Family with child looking at laptop screen

How We Do It

Policy Advocates

We support policies that help people with disabilities and their families.


Recommendations made to support community living


Grant Projects

We give grants to groups that improve the lives of people with disabilities.


Grant dollars spent to achieve the VBPD’s mission



We provide training to adults, youth and families.


People educated or trained on key topics


News & Events

Project Highlight

Training on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (TIDE) helps direct support workers. Through TIDE, workers explore bias and how a person’s sense of self impacts them. Sense of self includes thoughts about their disability, race, age and more. Building on that knowledge, workers learn to talk and empathize with people who are different from them.

The TIDE project is very important to me because it allows people with many ‘unique’ disabilities to collaborate, and advocate for change within the disability community. People with disabilities want to feel included in things like others, and the TIDE project made that happen.

– Taylor Thomas-Harris, TIDE Steering Committee ParticipantView More Grantee Projects

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