Bienvenidos Todos: Disability Inclusion

This project is about sharing disability service info to Latinos in our state. People of all backgrounds have the same rights. Everyone should be able to get the same services and opportunities.

Grantee: ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia (ECNV)

Project Dates: 2/1/2024 - 7/30/2025

Areas of Emphasis: Community Supports

Award: $300,000

Match: $100,000

ECNV will share disability service info to Latinos with disabilities and their families. The info will be in Spanish. The info will respect Latino culture. This will help Latinos in our state to get the same rights and services as everyone else. ECNV aims to:

  1. Create a network of bilingual partners in Northern Virginia, Roanoke, Harrisonburg and Richmond
  2. Share info to people who speak Spanish through monthly webinars, Spanish media and more
  3. Provide training and advice to groups that want to reach the Latino community, such as community service boards (CSBs)