Development of Adult Curriculum on Critical Decision-Making Points for Students with Disabilities

The goal of this project was to help families of students with disabilities. This project helped families to understand the times in school that would impact the future of their children.

Grantee: Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)

Project Dates: 10/1/2016 - 3/31/2019

Areas of Emphasis: Education

Award: $150,000

Match: $50,000

This project began in October 2016. VDOE made a new program. This program taught families about critical decision-making points. These points impact children with disabilities even after they have left school. VDOE wanted to be able to easily update this program. The program included:

  1. Diploma Options and their Course Requirements
  2. Standards of Learning (SOLs) versus Alternative Assessments
  3. Key Grade Level Decision Making Points
  4. Explanation of Credits (standard and verified)
  5. End of Course Assessment Requirements
  6. Assessment Options and Accommodations
  7. Credit Accommodations
  8. Applied Studies Diploma
  9. Long Term Planning for Graduation
  10. Importance of Attendance
  11. What is Required to Acquire Postsecondary Education/Training, Become Competitively Employed and Live as Independently as Possible

VDOE made a DOE Critical Decision Points Guide for families and school staff. VDOE also made training modules, an in-person training program for parents, and an in-person “train the trainer” program for school staff. The project ended in March 2019. The Board told VDOE to oversee the program until March 2021.