Diversity, Inclusion & Visibility

Diversity, Inclusion & Visibility talks about why it’s good to include people with developmental disabilities (DD). People with DD should be included at work, in the neighborhood and all parts of life. The Arc of Virginia is in charge of this project. They are sharing tools to make places more inclusive.

Grantee: The Arc of Virginia

Project Dates: 1/16/2023 – 1/15/2024

Areas of Emphasis: Public Awareness

Award: $200,000

Match: $66,666

During this project, The Arc of Virginia will:

  1. Gather national data on what people don’t know about disabilities, ways to share more info and ways to inspire action.
  2. Create content to increase awareness of people with disabilities, their lives and ways to be more inclusive.
  3. Create and use a plan for an awareness campaign and a plan that will find out what parts of the campaign worked.