Mapping Information Ecology: Understanding the Fragmentation of Disability

George Mason University is researching disability service info. They want to know who creates and shares this info, who uses the info and who else is involved. Their research will help our state to improve data and info access.

Grantee: George Mason University

Project Dates: 4/1/2023 - 5/31/2024

Areas of Emphasis: Information Access

Award: $149,921

Match: $50,073

GMU’s goal is to better understand the disability service information ecology. Here, an ecology describes groups and people, and how they interact. The info ecology is made up of people or groups that make or share info, people who use info and other key groups. The main focus of this project is on Medicaid service info. At the end of the project, GMU will give advice on how to make info access easier. This may include how to merge data from different groups and how to store data better.