The Next Move @ William & Mary: An Innovative Approach to Training Young Adults with Disabilities

William & Mary University (W&M) worked with Next Move to make a program. Through this program, young adults with developmental disabilities (DD) got skill training. With their new skills, they worked as interns.

Grantee: William & Mary (W&M)

Project Dates: 10/1/2018 - 6/30/2021

Areas of Emphasis: Employment

Award: $150,000

Match: $74,441

W&M wanted people with DD to be able to get jobs that pay at least a minimum wage, and where they can work with people without disabilities. This type of job is called competitive, integrated employment. W&M worked with Next Move to make an internship program. Through this program, young adults with DD got work experience and increased their skills. W&M hoped that this program would be a permanent program. They also hoped that they could partner with more community groups. In the best case, this program could help young adults with DD move from being interns to having long-term jobs at W&M or a partner community group.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the project in some ways. In the end, 32 young adults with DD worked as interns in the Next Move @ William & Mary Program. The program also built relationships with and trained 30 supervisors and mentors. These supervisors and mentors were from 17 different jobsites and 8 school offices.