We are required to create a Five-Year State Plan to guide our daily work. The plan ensures that we address the most important concerns of the developmental disabilities community. The plan also holds us accountable to specific goals.

Every year, we check how we’re doing with the goals in the plan. If things change, we update our goals. We work with people with disabilities, community groups, local and state agencies, advocates, and others to get their ideas and feedback.


State Plan Goals
  1. Community Supports
    The first goal is for people with disabilities to have better access to supports. These supports help them live in the community.
  2. Healthcare
    The second goal is for people with disabilities to more easily get health services. We hope these services will help them be safe and stay well.
  3. Education and Employment
    The third goal is for schools and employers to better include people with disabilities.
  4. Self-Advocacy
    The fourth goal is for people with disabilities and their families to have stronger voices for themselves and others.

Past State Plans

2017 – 2021 State Plan

2012 – 2016 State Plan